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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Compelling Noise-pop featuring male vocals backed by female BG Vox that have intoxicating effect on the listener.
This is a grower.
In fact from 3rd track through the closer this is an excellent release.
Angular guitar and propulsive beat keeps things lively.
Has somewhat of a Sonic Youth effect on some tracks....(my opinion.....) Favorite track: EPISODES, PT.II.
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Now available in cassette and digital formats, courtesy of Like Young Records.

Caroline Jackson - Keyboard, Organ, Vocals
Matt Dressen - Drums, Vocals
Eddie Charlton - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Laurich - Guitar

Engineered and Produced by Robert Komitz at the Frawg Pound in Portland, OR. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, OR.

Artwork by Matt Dressen

"Nothing is enough!"


released September 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Lubec Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Almost Vince
Through the trees
And wayward briars
Knotted weeds
They'd slash your tires
At a house party (Where are we?)
With only fools to see
Yet here we are
I'm almost Vince

Almost Vin-

Time to see
Who joins their choirs
A violent spree
To feed the fires
At a house party (where are we?)
With only fools to see
Pledged with a scar
I'm almost Vince

Never womanized
Or threw my fist in fights
I wondered if
You'd see to that

But I did
Track Name: Actions From Words
I've been wasting all my time
Punching In
Eager to please
No, the stars they don't align
It's just a man
Playing us like scales

And then I didn't feel so well
(Straining to make out!)
These things, you never can tell
(Straining to make out!)
Actions from words

Behold, the liar in a web
Sinking fast
In teeming seas
Dead horse, beaten on the head
He'll be locked up
Soon, for sure

What if you made it out to some island home?
Scared, dripping and wet from scrambled rows?
Then deposit those checks, a real con man's high
Never to be so sure that you made it away

Did you make it away? Did you make it away?

Actions from words!
Track Name: Graffiti / Ulysses
Hid out
From the street lamps at night
Bandana over her face

To reach up and try it
Never caught by the cops
They said

Join us
Come see what it's like
In the dark you can rally
A friend

To acknowledge your spite
How will they know you if it cannot
Be read?

tagged right
on trains
and stairs
etched tight
on signs
who dares?

Just write it on the wall!
In graffiti!
(Reds, greens, tangerines, greys, and blues)

Before you are ever too old
And on the other side

Of the fence
Track Name: Gold Protege
Everyone's a winner 'till we're all knocked down
Then there's only those that might care

They ran me through the ropes 'till I was tossed around
Then had the nerve to say I don't belong here

I get by
On listening
I get by
Just working the crowd
I get by
On less callow things

So that now, you never could tell
(Gold Protege)
Now, you never could tell
(Gold Protege)
Now, you never could tell
What I once was

By a thread

Deserted their codes and how to wrest the crown
Since everybody cheats or had an affair

Success isn't something 'till you're dead in the ground
And history asks why you dared

By a thread
Track Name: The Morning Beatdown
I awoke for no reason
Then clenched my hand
Stress to be sure
Don't remind me again

(The early bird's not a failure)
Well, I've heard that a lot
(Catch the worm, you're a savior)
But I'm losing sleep, and
What sets me apart

(All work no play)
The Morning Beatdown!
What sets me apart?
(All work no play)
The Morning Beatdown!

A time-honored tradition
Of killing the spark
It worked for your dad
Quit being so smart

The Morning Beatdown!
The static
Hurts my eyes
It's painting pictures
Though without your contacts
It's just a -
Bunch of lines

But I don't really mind
Is it fun and games?
Over the hum of the fan
We'll recite the names of
The greatest times we had
In twenty-oh-five

(Press Rewind)
We'll watch your favorite episodes

At night
The curtains close
And you just look up
Expecting something
That I -
Can't define

Press rewind
Press rewind
Track Name: Another Ghost Song (Nostos Algos)
How long has
It been?

A dance through meadows
Charade from the start
Such a bright tint of rose
To seem a bigger part,
Of our days

(Pale as a ghost)
When memories fail to agree
(Pale as a ghost)
When the portrait's not what others see

(A film in your mind,
But it's all wrong)

A one-way street

A lover's quarrel
Air-brushed from the heart
Such a bright tint of rose
It takes a certain art,
Fearing change

How long has
It been?

How long has it been?!
Since you lived on a whim?!
Since you looked at him?!
Or around the
Track Name: Sunburn!

Amidst the waves
And the beach tans
Matters of a different heart
He flew to the edge
Of the horizon
And bought it
Some people go sailing
Others date a lot
But how can you relate
To someone whose
Wings melted off?

And even glad
They're even glad!

What do you chase?
What do you harbor?
A dream
What comes next when
Nothing is enough?

What do you waste?
What do you offer?
A scream
What comes next when
Nothing is enough?

Track Name: Local Celebrity
(You stay at home
I'll see the world
Kid yourself
Only I will know it)

Waving your right hand

Looking down on them

I heard there was once a time
That to be a man in his prime
One had to search for the truth
And you didn't

And now that times have really changed
There's still some facts of life
Much older than I am

I read of trial by fire
A lift from the country's mire
One had to search for the truth
And you didn't
Track Name: The Thrall
It's different from how
I thought it'd be
No montages
Or garland wreaths

Since one can't grasp perfection until it's over (Deranged and better)

Yet there was a sense
This year for me
That distress might will
A harmony

So why can't I have these moments forever? (Deranged and better)

(Now we're) Haunted
(Now we're) Haunted
(Now we're (deranged) Haunted
By what's possible (and better)

At night
While I'm out
and feel the shudder

The Thrall
With life's limitlessness
The Thrall
Can't hold it back