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Now available in cassette and digital formats courtesy of Disposable America Records - disposableamerica.bandcamp.com/album/dividends

"The name escapes me at the moment and I'm going to pretend I'm not a tab away from googling the answer, but there is this practice of willing things into existence by merely thinking positively about the outcomes you desire. Maybe that's what's in that book, "The Secret"? I've never read it but I'm pretty sure someone told me once that's what the secret was.

Anyway, Portland, Oregon’s Lubec have taken this art of universe manipulation and made it much more communal. So many of their songs contain these joyful moments where every member in the band is shouting to the heavens like they're casting some sort of spell and I am on board for their brand of witchcraft.

Lubec's newest release Dividends is another step forward for a band I've been following since I first heard their album The Thrall back in 2014. While Cosmic Debt, their prior release, found them exploring the amebic corners of noise pop, Dividends feels more focused and defiant.

Caroline Jackson's piano is driving, Matt Dressen's drums blast and Eddie Charltons guitars seer through the wash of sounds on this short, but sweet 4-track EP. All the songs feel like they've been crafted during a time when the stability we were lead to believe was inherent to Americans, is not actually that stable or real or truthful.

The track "Right Supply" captures these feelings perfectly. "Though it's fitting for some / It's not the beat of my drum / I'm the end of the line" Jackson sings over a swirling piano and reaffirms with "I got the right supply / It's mine, all mine".

The final track on this EP is my favorite. A tight, bouncy guitar riff with deep note piano offsets the pounding drums. A sample of something or another hovers behind this track like a drone-copter, but the finale is just superb. I imagine Jackson, Dressen, and Charlton throwing their heads back, fists clenched, and shouting "Grain of Truth!" hoping that their collective powers can somehow convince the world around them to follow their lead."

- Colin Vallee


released September 29, 2017

Caroline Jackson - Keyboard, Vocals
Matt Dressen - Drums, Vocals, Samples
Eddie Charlton - Guitar, Vocals, Electronics

Engineered and produced by Dylan Wall at Hall of Justice and Tastefully Loud in Seattle, WA. Mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering.

Artwork by Matt Dressen

"Nothing is enough!"


all rights reserved



Lubec Portland, Oregon


Booking, etc: lubecmusic @ gmail


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Track Name: Pioneer Snare
I held the candle and signs
Even hid your knife away
Queued up in the lines
To run over the highway

So peaceful yet distant
Horizon a ramp I drove today
Piece de resistance
What happened there?
What can we say?

I held the camera in time
Even shot the only fray
Committing no crime
Just a chance to convey

It took a bit of my heart
It took a bit of your brain
It took a bit at the start
For a hit of pure reign
Our apostasy!

They’ll spin this all away
By the dawn
They’ll try to make us stay
Me, I’ll walk on
Track Name: Right Supply
I never wanted my own
You get the physical phone call
And it's past your prime

Won't ever be that time
To hope for two blue lines
Am I ok? I'm fine, I'm fine
Why should we all comply?
I got the right supply
It's mine, all mine

Though it's fitting for some
It's not the beat of my drum
I'm the end of the line

Don't need a cosmic sign
I got my stars aligned
We're fine, we're fine
Why should I justify?
I got the right supply
It's mine, all mine
Track Name: Phantom Ring
Tricked me in front of all my friends
Should have known that we were playing that sport
No receiver on the other end
Still I hope you’ll reappear

Tried to place me under that lens
Should have known that I’m a casual sort
No receiver on the other end
Still you hope I’ll reappear

Could I be wrong?
It’s flashing
We wait so long
It’s flashing


I’m interrupted by the phantom ring
You’re interrupted by the phantom ring
We’re interrupted by the phantom ring!
Track Name: Grain of Truth
Where did you think the money’s gone?
Me, I never seem to know
You ask me what I spent it on
To confess
I only think of one thing

A place
That’s not
My own
New friends and plots
A chance
To know
What a life is not

I see them waiting!
Some never roam
I see them waiting!
Still at home

Where did you think the spirits gone?
Me, I never seem to know
You ask me what I’ve led us on
To confess
I only think of one thing

A grain of truth

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