Cosmic Debt

by Lubec

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Blood feathers flake So you can't leave the garden Pinion joints break Never out of bounds with Clipped wings! The weather's great But you can never stop molting Dominion so fake Can't escape the hounds with Clipped wings! It's all a cruel joke to me What's worse is I'm okay with Clipped wings!
Just stop! Fey lines appear Cracks in the veneer Just stop! Grey strands I fear Cracks in the veneer Strange pacing In the recovery room I'm facing The subtlety of your doom We'd go out It always felt so young and new In absentia I'll lie to remain Heart's racing Never get to see the moon Just chasing Vacation for a week in June We'd go out It always felt so young and new In absentia I'll lie to remain Where does it hang? That painting Where does it hang? I've got to believe
Failed Pilot 03:31
Cameo! I don't care I don't care I care CARE About the contrast, depth and every color About the pixel, rate and every flutter I don't mind I don't mind I mind MIND The scenes that we left out I don't dare I don't dare I dare DARE Watch us part our ways as brothers Watch us forget the city's wonders I don't find I don't find I'll find FIND What our show was all about But that's not right! Lied so long! The screen's too bright! Airing our failed pilot No arc that will ascend It was just a battle of our wits No plot device to end Why did I think the crowd would see a hit? In our failed pilot It's just a cameo!
Hard potential That negates What's essential In a life I didn't ask for the time I didn't wait for a polite okay You could feel it at night And we can say We didn't flake I saw the moment just fine A window of truth and naivete With history on the mind And we can say We didn't flake Of course Not Of course Not So much potential!
Cosmic Debt 01:07
Holding hands In the throes Of promises Why did we look away? I feel my cosmic debt! Don't know what it is! Blue lights tail Feeling slow The cop comes near What did our eyes just say? Cosmic debt!
She shuffled But never asked me If I'd really want To try that game Dealt a hand That was so carefree Thinking they would never Guess we'd played I saw your face but you did not show it There's more ways to cheat and frame I saw your face and when my turn hit I drew a card! You drew a card! We drew a card! Queen of cups
Another breakup haircut! (Insert yr own frustrations) It's time that I should go For yet In with the new Out with the old Whatever feels real Until it grows
Ember 04:36
Ember Hot coal Heat what I Froze I thought it wouldn't matter How our time was worn But really does a clock tick? In the hit of a drum's kick? We joked it was a picnic I thought it wouldn't matter I thought it wouldn't matter The things that we had sworn But really do the words stick? In the strum of a guitar pick? You're worried that I'm homesick I thought it wouldn't matter Both spark and cinder! It doesn’t matter Never mattered We remember That November Seasons gather By the ember It fills the room


Now available in cassette and digital formats courtesy of Disposable America Records -

"The first time I saw Portland band Lubec play live, in a ground floor rec room in a weirdly suburban punk house on a muddy hill in Seattle, I was surprised to see only three members in the band — Caroline Jackson on keyboards and vocals, Eddie Charlton on guitar and vocals, and Matt Dressen on drums. It hadn’t even occurred to me to wonder or even care about how they make their enveloping sound; I just knew that, when I put on their latest album, Cosmic Debt, a gorgeous maelstrom comes from my speakers, evoking a sweeping grandeur and an intense intimacy at the same time.

Listening more closely reveals what makes their sound so special. Throughout Cosmic Debt, the instruments are more or less equal in the left and right channels — it’s not a mono mix like My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, but the low degree of channel separation means that Jackson’s piano, treated with distortion and echo, and Charlton’s ringing guitar blend together so that it’s not always immediately apparent which tones are coming from which instrument. Dressen’s playing, while stick-shattering in a live setting, mixes with all of the instruments and contributes equally to the songs’ percussive drive and sometimes lurching and stuttering rhythms. Engineer and producer Dylan Wall has, with the band, created a sound which is somehow simultaneously loud and hushed. The album’s dreamy, insomniac feel is enhanced by interstitial tracks that feature loops, drones, and ambient sounds.

Charlton and Jackson’s echo-drenched vocals combine and separate into harmonies, melody and countermelody, and call-and-response. There’s urgency not just in the shouted declarations and imperatives (exclamation points appear frequently in the lyrics) but in the quieter moments as well. Lyrically, Cosmic Debt deals in metaphors, phrased obliquely enough to be interesting, but it’s not hard to figure out what’s going on in songs like “Clipped Wings” and “Queen of Cups.” Loss and regret are recurrent themes. “Cracks in the Veneer” expresses the anxiety of facing a loved one’s mortality as “Grey strands appear… I’m facing the subtlety of your doom.” A television metaphor portrays the ambivalence of an aborted friendship in “Failed Pilot,” where there’s “No plot device to end / Why did I think the crowd would see a hit?” “Breakup Haircut” — well, that one’s pretty self-explanatory. The soaring final song’s titular “Ember” is “Both spark and cinder!” to immolate the past and illuminate the present, while the song’s — and album’s — great beauty is the phoenix that rises from the ashes."

- Mike Baehr


released September 30, 2016

Caroline Jackson - Keyboard, Vocals, Electronics
Matt Dressen - Drums, Vocals, Samples, Electronics
Eddie Charlton - Guitar, Vocals, Electronics

Engineered and produced by Dylan Wall at The Map Room in Portland, OR and Tastefully Loud in Seattle, WA. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek.

Artwork by Matt Dressen

"Nothing is enough!"


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Lubec Portland, Oregon


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